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Car Key Replacement

Car key Replacement

Did you know there is an immobilizer chip inside most car keys?

The Immobilizer key was invented in year 1986 (VATS ‘anti-theft system name’) it’s an anti-theft system to protects a car from being stolen. If you get locked out of your car or lose your car key, an automotive locksmith will be able to help you cut a new key tracing the car’s vin number.

Key programming

Transponder key programming can be done by the car dealership or by a locksmith technician. Locksmith companies provide different, you can say even better, service the the dealership, since most of them are mobile and will provide service at your direct location. They also tend to be more affordable and work 247 around the clock. You can save yourself the headaches and expenses of towing your car to the dealership. Key programming means that the key needs to be programmed to the vehicle computer. Without the key being programmed to the vehicle, your vehicle won’t start.

Ignition replacement

If your car ignition broke or got damaged, a repair or replacement will be required. You are also advised to do an ignition replacement if someone else has unauthorized possession of your car keys. This could expose your car to theft.

Key extraction

Call a professional locksmith to help you extract any bent or broken key  that is stuck in a door lock or a car’s ignition.

How does a locksmith unlock cars?

There are four common ways to unlock a car;

• Slim Jim – Slim Jims is a slim metal bar that was used to unlock most cars until about 2005. it’s still can unlock some cars today (there is a high risk of damage using this tool).

• Airbags with long reach tools – Airbags are the most common way to unlock cars because this method does not damage the car at all and is very safe

• Lishi (car lock picking tool) – Lishi (lock picking) is a safe way to open vehicles. it might take longer compared to the airbags method but is very reliable and has a high success rate.

• Laser key decoder – this method works same as the lishi method, but is used for cars with laser key locks.

How not to get scammed by a fake locksmith?

There are a lot of fraudsters advertise locksmith services on Google, Bing and Yellow pages online. If you see a locksmith offering you a low price, in example $15, it is most likely a scam because a professional locksmith service will be starting at 50$. Scammers will not give you a price estimate over the phone but will instead give you different starting prices for different services and tell you that they would confirm the actual price upon seeing the job. Do not fall for this.

A real locksmith will tell you the price range, give you an estimate or exact price over the phone, before even stepping out.

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Lockout Service

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