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Providing fast & affordable automotive locksmith service's for your car 24 hours a day 7 days a week, We offer a large array of auto locksmith service's. It is not out of the ordinary to leave your keys in the car and lock your door by mistake, But how will you get your locked car door open? Even worse, What happens if you've lost your only car key copy, Who makes replacement car keys & how will you get a new key for your ignition. Metro Lock And Key LLC can provide you will our local emergency mobile locksmith, Assuring you that your locked car door will be opened & lost car keys will be replaced. Best of all, We are mobile locksmith's, That means we come directly to your location, Assist with lost, stolen, broken/damage car key replacements including key fobs, And a quick & easy method to open your car door or trunk. 

Upon those two service's we offer as local locksmith's in your area, We do have the ability & skill to repair stuck or broken ignition cylinder's due to a theft or just malfunction, Again we come to you and replace or repair broken & worn ignition lock cylinders in your automotive vehicle. This is a common problem amongst the high security keys, Most of the time a fresh copy of your high security blade and a quick transponder key programming on-site will solve that. In more severe situations of ignition failure, The only thing left to do is replace. Luckily, We have you covered Because Metro Lock And Key LLC carry's a large selection of automotive ignition cylinders, high security key's, transponder, and auto lock cylinders. No matter the situation your in we're ready to provide you with an affordable & fast locksmith solution.

Auto Ignition Repair And Replace

Auto Igniton Repair & Replace

Ignition lock cylinder failure is a common issue, sometimes they begin to stick then suddenly no longer turn with your key. The most common auto key lock ignition cylinders that have the most issue are Dodge Chrysler Jeep & Ram. GM GMC Chevy Chevrolet Pontiac Oldsmobile Ignitions are often broken in attempted car theft. Other Times These Ignitons Experiance "Wafer Locking" when the ignition "switch or Tumbler" turns over but will not turn to the "off" Position. Give us a call to come out and repair or replace your car ignition.

High Security Vehicle Car Keys

High Security Vehicle Keys

Having a high security key cutting machine and high security car key programmer we are able to re-create, replace and duplicate your keys on-site. We provide optimal car key replacement for mostly all high security key blades. Automotive security keys are unique in the way they are cut. Unlike traditional keys cut with a "plunge cutter" removing spacing and depth from the car key. High Security Auto Keys, Known As Switchback or "Lazer Engraved" Keys are etched key blades that basically create a flow of short and tall ramps into your key blade. Also many refer to these keys as mentioned above "Lazer Engraved" however the switchback key blades are cut using .5-1.5MM Hardened Carbide Burr and not an actual lazer.

Repair & Replace Lost Car Key

repair & replace a lost stolen car key

Once in a while car keys tend to break off at the plastic part of the key, And other times they just run off and now you cant seem to figure out if someone stole your key of if it has been misplaced. Never the less, We can replace and repair almost all automotive keys available. We can send our mobile locksmith for cars to you immediatly. Repair of a transponder car key or even remote car key is a tricky task and should only be done by a trained auto locksmith. If you've lost your auto car key and need a replacement copy or you believe some has stolen car keys from your location. Reach out urgently to get our locksmith to you fast!

Transponder chip key replacement locksmith

Transponder Chip Keys

Having the ability & knowledge to replace & program transponder chipped keys 24 hours a day, Is an essential skill all locksmith's should have. We can replace, copy or duplicate your transponder key for you on average in 20 minute's. Getting you back on the road in minimal time is our promise to you! We compete car key programming at the time of replacing your lost, broken. damged or stolen car key. What good would a key be if it still won't start your vehicle. Anyone that charges seperatly SHOULD be investigated for legitimacy!

Emergency Trunk Opening

Emergency Trunk Opening

Often time's we set our keys in the trunk while shopping, And sometimes we forget about them and close the trunk. If your key's happen to be locked in the trunk with no access to get them out. Our trunk opening expert can handle the work for you. We can open any automotive trunk with your keys locked inside, Any time of the day.

Broken Key Extraction

Broken Key Extraction

Broken key in your door lock or ignition? Not to worry! We provide quick key extracting service to remove broken keys from your door lock, ignition, trunk & glove compartment. After we get the broken key out for you we will inspect your locks and ignition to make sure it doesn't happen again, We also offer a repair on-site as well as a solution to breaking your key and needing it extracted from a lock.

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