Need Mobile car key & fob programming locksmith near you for your transponder chipped auto key replacement or copy? Lost your transponder chipped key or key fob? Metro Lock And Key LLC is ready to provide you with expert mobile key & fob programming service any time you need it.


Transponder Chipped Car Key Programming


Most automotive car key replacements have a transponder chip embedded inside of the plastic cap of your car key. Without the transponder programmed to the vehicle, Your automobile will not start or won't stay running longer than about 3 seconds. We provide key programming for auto car keys that have a chip in them, Our service is mobile, We bring the auto key programmer to your location & program your vehicles key.


Car Key Fob Programming


No matter if your vehicle has a push-start-ignition system or a keyless entry remote. The difference in the two, keyless entry only unlocks, locks, pops trunk, enables car alarm or deactivates your vehicle alarm. Smart key or Proximity key fobs have all the features of a keyless entry remote fob, However they act as the key for the vehicle and without it your unable to start or drive your car. We not only supply key fobs for cars but smart keys as well, Our mobile car key fob service comes to your location and program a new fob to your vehicle.​

Broken Car Key & Fob Repair​



Is your car key fob broken, damaged, missing buttons, only works sometime? Give us a call to have your car key fob repaired by one of our mobile locksmith experts. We are the most affordable key fob repair service nearby & have been for over 10 years in the Southeast Michigan Area. Reach us at (734) 447-7629