Car Lockout Service West Sumpter Michigan

Why Choose Us?

We offer you a flat rate lockout service, With on time arrival, Friendly lockout locksmith technicians & service from a real local locksmith, Not the pocket pincher company claiming he is, We are the real deal, You'll Always Get Real Results. West Sumpter MI

Are you currently locked out of your car, truck, van, semi or even locked keys in trunk? If your in need of an emergency mobile locksmith to come out and unlock your car door, Just hit the call button on this page and we will get a lockout specialist to you within an average 20 minute arrival.


Providing Southeast Michigan with fast & affordable automotive car lockout service is what we do, And we do it quick, affordable & hassle free!

Don't let your door seal get messed up or bent just because you locked your keys in your car or trunk, Call us anytime 24/7 for emergency locked out help!

We service the entire Washtenaw County & Wayne County Michigan area, The next time you need a "locksmith near me who opens car doors" the answer is easy.... Metro Lock And Key LLC will gladly get you in your locked door, For a fraction of what self proclaimed local locksmith's offer. A automotive car lockout service WILL NEVER COST $150, Simply do not allow that service to be performed by the locksmith that gave you a high cost lockout rate.

Our pricing is simple

Locked Keys In Trunk   $85

That is the cost for our tech to come out and open the locked trunk on your vehicle.

Locked Keys In Running Car   $75

The Cost To Open  Door On Running Vehicle

Car Door Unlocking   $65

There Are Some Cars Simply PIcking The Lock On Aa Car Will Open The Door.

Locked Keys In Car With A Dead Battery   $85

Most Times This Is Not An Issue In The Event Your Battery Died And Keys Locked In. We Will Give A Boost To Your Vehicle Onsite & Open The Door For You.

Door Lock Jammed Key Wont Work Or Smartkey Not Unlocking Your Cr Door   $75

The Issue With Malfunctioning Smartkeys Can Be Solved Onsite After Your Door Is Unlocked.