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Not every locksmith is equipped to handle vehicle lockouts. It takes not only skill and experience, but also the right tools and equipment to successfully get back into a vehicle. At Metro Lock And Key LLC, we’ve been doing it for decades and are proud to be your first and best call for an automotive locksmith in MICHIGAN



There are numerous reasons why you might need the help of an auto locksmith. If your vehicle is locked and running or you can see the keys on the seat behind a locked cabin, it’s important to waste no time in calling for a car lockout service in Michigan. Metro Lock And Key LLC won’t hesitate to respond quickly. We’ve seen it all!


Today’s modern vehicles don’t just have a traditional lock and key—they have laser-cut keys that have built-in microchips to ensure the utmost safety for your vehicle. Replacing or duplicating these keys takes a true professional.

Our team deals with transponder keys and proximity fobs alike, giving you smart access to your vehicle when your key is lost or out of reach. From Audi to Toyota, no matter what type of car you drive, we’re equipped to produce a smart key that helps you regain access to your ride.


We also deal with motorcycle keys! If your bike is parked idly and your key is nowhere to be found, count on us to help you replace it. There’s no need to risk damage to your bike by towing it into a shop. Instead, we’ll come to you.


There’s a reason Metro Lock And Key LLC is the most popular automotive locksmith in MICHIGAN. It’s because we work quickly and have the capabilities to provide results, giving you access to your vehicle when you need it most. Contact us today by calling 734-447-7629 for assistance.

Locking yourself out of a vehicle is a frightening situation at the right time of day. Rest assured we can assist in auto unlocks for car, van, truck, semi, suv & even RV. Locking your automobile door with the keys still inside is an emergency situation. Exspecially if the car is still running at the time of lockout!

Car Door Unlocking Service

Needing a car door unlocking service near you is an essential service we offer. 24/7 our mobile car door unlock technician is able to assist with vehicle door opening & emergency trunk opening if you happened to lock keys in trunk of your car. If you need fast, affordable & reliable car door unlocking near you. Call Us Now!


Auto Unlocks

We open locked doors fast! Auto unlocks are an emergency to us and we try to fit them in between customers to accommodate the mishap. Most auto unlocks are fairly fast & easy for our highly skilled & trained auto unlock specialist. We use only the most advance tools & tactics to get your auto unlocks resolved for a semi, car, rv or camper.

Lost a Car Key Fob & Need A New Replacement Key Fob Remote? We Make And Program Key Fobs & Fobik Keys For All Year, Make & Model Vehicles. Remote Keys Are Becoming More Of A Standard Auto Ignition Key For Newer Vehicles. These Remote Keys Are Most Commonly Referred To As A Key Fob. Their Actually Called A Proximity Key Or Smart Key.

Proximity Key

Smart Key

Proximity Keys Or Smart Keys Are Used In "Push-To-Start" Vehicles Equipped With An Ignition Button Instead Of An Ignition Lock Cylinder. These Key Fobs Are Then Able To Be Detected By Your Vehicle Via RFID Frequency Transmitted From The Smart Key To Your Vehicles Immobilizer System. Once The Transmission Of Signal From Your Key Fob Is Detected In The Vehicles Anti-Theft Security System You're Then Able To Start Your Car By Using The Ignition Button In Your Vehicle. 

Keyless Entry Remote

Key Fob

We Carry These Types Of Car Remote Keys As Well As Tradition Keyless Entry Remotes. Keyless Entry Remote Allows The Doors To Be Locked, Unlocked, Trunk Opened. Incase Of Urgency A Panic Button To Initiate Your Automotive Car Alarm System In The Event Your In Distress ( Or Like Me Forgotten Where I've Parked My Car After Grocery Shopping ). Keyless Entry Remote Key Fobs Can Be Programmed To Almost All Makes And Models. With Power Door Locks And/Or A Factory Car Alarm System. 

We have a large amount of skill when it comes to your vehicles ignition system involving proximity smart keys & fobik ( Pod Keys ). Each key fob Depending on the vehicle specification. Programs to your car differently. Some require a pincode to access the security system during key fob programming sequences. While others require no pincode at all & a rotating sequence of ignition & door lock patterns.

Regardless of the type of prox, smart or fobik key you have for your automobile. We are able to program your key fobs on-site!

Keyless entry remote are much simpler than the complex "Push-To-Start" systems installed in vehicle ignitons now a days. Most of the time a common auto car key programmer is able to be hooked up to your vehicle by the OBD port. Your then able to commence keyless entry remote programming from there. Other situations involve a clever pattern of ignition sequence on/off/on/off in various lengths while either holding a lock button down in the locking position or holding it up in the unlocking position. We are also able to onbourd program these keyless entry remotes on-site as well.