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Tired of the scam locksmith company? So Are We!!! We are running a promotion to weed out the fake locksmith business all over metro Detroit, have you called a locksmith to request a car key replacement or lockout service? Only to have someone arrive in an unmarked vehicle telling you why your car key is no longer $120 and why that locksmith is now charging you $400 for a list of extra things never mentioned over the phone.... That's because he is being paid by a locksmith lead aggregator a small percentage to go out and upcharge you so he can make a little money in his pocket, while the "locksmith near you" that you spoke with initially is sitting at home collecting your hard earned money, And depriving honest local locksmith shops that have been in business 20+ the opportunity to accommodate your expectations of a job well done! Shop local locksmiths, Make sure the lockout service or car key replacement key maker is in a vehicle with branding, you receive an official locksmith quote on a business letterhead, and you have the right to know who visits you just for future reference. Our guarantee is rock solid because we know exactly what it takes to do each locksmith call, because we are real locksmiths. Auto lockout flat rate lock out service $50 all passenger vehicles. Car Key Replacement except Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, Only Basic Transponder $115.

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