Change Locks & Rekey Canton Michigan Locally Owned

House Lockout

Providing fast & affordable house lockout service for those in need of unlocking there home in a locked out situation is an easy task for us to handle. Don't wait, Give us a call immediatly.

Garage Locks

You always want to make sure you have a key to your garage door lock, No matter if its the side service door, main over head T-handle lock or the emergency release lock on your garage door. If your in need of a lock change or re-key we can help you.

Locks Change/Repair

Changing house locks or having a lock repair service done will not only ensure you're door is locking as it should, it will also add security and piece of mind knowing your broken or malfunctioning lock is fixed. 

Duplicate Keys

Need duplicate key's make while on-site? Just ask our mobile home locksmith if he has the proper key blank so we can cut key's on-site for you.

Pick-Proof Cylinder Deadbolts

Adding pick proof deadbolt locks to your home or business is a sure fire way to make any attempt of manipulating or picking a lock the most unsuccessful it can be. Pick resistance locks are a must for total door lock protection.

Rekey/ Master key

No matter if you have one house lock or a whole home to be re-keyed, We are able to offer on-site lock cylinder re-key service for all situation's & lock cylinder's. Having multiple locks keyed to one master key makes gaining entry faster, more convenient & often more secure.

Electronic Locks/Key Pads

If you need a effective way to allow a contractor, baby sitter, house cleaner or anyone else in your home without giving up your security, Installing an electronic or keypad lock gives you the ability to set temporary codes that only work at certain hours, Ensuring total home protection any other time!

Screen & Garage Door Locks

Being able to lock your screen door's and service doors attached to garage units is an essential part of fully securing your home from unauthorized entry. Get your screen locks and garage doors re-keryed, replaced or repaired today!


Metro Lock And Key LLC is pleased to provide the following additional residential locksmith services: