rekey lock cylinder

Rekey Lock Cylinders

If your in need of having locks on your home or garage re-keyed. We are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week for emergency house lock re-key service & appointment re-key service on your entry locks.

Re-Key Schlage Locks

Schlage is a fairly high end lock when it comes to home security, The durability is unmatched among other locks sold locally. We can preserve the integrity of your door lock systems on your home. Re-keying just the core of the keylock cylinder not only keeps that added Schlage lock security. It also changes the key the works on the lock currently. By Re-keying House locks your insuring the only person left with a key to your home is yourself!


Kwikset Lock Re-Key

Got Kwikset Locks? We can Re-Key Your Kwikset Keyway Lock Cylinders. Fast & Affordable House Re-Key Service is only a phone call away! Do you have Kwikset SmartKey Locks, No worry! We can remove your lock system, disassemble the lock housing, remove all the tumbler pins and re-key the core to match a totally different key!

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Re-Key Deadbolt & Door Knob / Handle

We Re-Key Baldwin Locks

Baldwin Is A Far Superior Lock When It Comes To Home Security. Sometimes Needing A Re-Key Service For Baldwin Locks Is A Challenge. As Not Many Locksmiths Nearby Have Proper Knowledge On The Disassembling & Re-keying Process Of A Baldwin Keylock Tumbler.


We Re-Key Schlage Locks

Schlage Locks Are Trusted By Many Contractors & Home Owners. We Can Re-Key Your Schlage Locks After A Renovation, Cleaning Service, Termination Of Tenant. We Are Eager To Assist With Your Re-Keying Service On Schalge Deadbolt, Door Knobs & Handles Locks Today!

Kwikset Lock Re-Key Service

Kwikset Is Among The Most Common Lock To Have Re-Keyed. The Keyway For Kwikset Is A Simple But Complex Design. Making Our Re-Keying Service Fast & Productive To Get The Locks On Your House & Garage Changed.

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24/7 Emergency Lock Cylinder Re-Key

Rekey Service Never Sleeps And Nor Do We! If you find yourself needing a lock cylinder of anykind rekeyed in the middle of the night or on short notice. Reach out to us as soon as you get the chance. We rekey homes during eviction proceedings. before & after tenants, new constructon renovations, terminated nanny, sitter, house cleaner & break-up situations. No matter the time of day your 24/7 emergency keylock cylinder  rekey service happens, We are here to deal with it for you!

Average Residential Re-Key Service Cost In Your Area

The cost of home re-key service varies from lock system. Here is a general idea of what your home lockout could cost ***ALWAYS CALL FOR QUOTE BEFORE MAKING FINAL DECISION***

Residential Rekey Cost

  • DEADBOLT REKEY - $10-$35

  • DOOR KNOB REKEY  - $10-$35

  • BOTH LOCKS REKEYED - $20-$60



  • $20-$50


  • $25-$65